About the Institute

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Research Activities

Spectrum of humanities and social sciences ● Employees of the Institute ● Administration   Spectrum of humanities and social sciences The research activity of the Institute Ivo Pilar covers almost the entire spectrum of humanities and social sciences: sociology, psychology, political science, history, philosophy, anthropology, theology, demography, and economy. Its… Pročitaj više o Research Activities



The Journal “Društvena istraživanja” (Social Research) ● The Journal “Pilar” ● The Journal “Mostariensia” ● The Journal “Histria antiqua” ● Editions: Collections, Studies, Elaborates…    The Journal “Društvena istraživanja” (Social Research) The Društvena istraživanja is a journal dedicated to general social issues, wherein it promotes absolute thematic and disciplinary openness. Therefore,… Pročitaj više o Publishing