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The Journal “Društvena istraživanja” (Social Research)

The Društvena istraživanja is a journal dedicated to general social issues, wherein it promotes absolute thematic and disciplinary openness. Therefore, it brings forth studies from various fields of social and humanist disciplines and also ones which cross the traditional disciplinary borders. The Editorial Board accepts only original unpublished research. It is published on a bi-monthly basis.
Contributions to the journal are referenced in: Current Contents – Social & Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences Citation Index, Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Journal Citation Reports (Thomson Reuters); ERIH PLUS (Norwegian Social Science Data Services – NSD); IBSS – International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (LSE); Political Science Complete, SocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO); Scopus (Elsevier); Social Services Abstract, Sociological Abstracts, Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (CSA); Gale – Cengage Learning; DOAJ – Directory of Open Access; HRCAK – Portal of Scientific Journals of Croatia

Jadranka ŠVARC, Editor-in-Chief
Gabrijela SABOL, Managing Editor
Anja WERTAG, Assistant Editor
Vlatka VENOS, Journal Secretary

Published issues

Non-Thematic Issue (No. 138)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 137)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 136)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 135)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 134)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 133)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 132)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 131)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 130)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 129)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 128)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 127)
Contemporary challenges in work and Organisational Psychology (No. 126)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 125)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 124)
The Psychological Aspects of Contemporary Families, Marriages and Partnerships (No. 123)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 122)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 121)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 120)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 119)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 118)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 117)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 116)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 115)
Producing Knowledge in the Knowledge Society: Challenges and Dilemmas (No. 114)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 113)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 112)
Fertility and Women’s Employment (No. 111)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 110)
Early School Leaving (Dropout): Causes, Consequences and Possible Solution (No. 108-109)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 107)
Croatian Values in Transition: European Values Study 1999-2008 (No. 105-106)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 104)
Primary School in Croatia and the Knowledge Society (No. 102-103)
Croatian Military – Croatian Society (No. 101)
Biopsychosocial Approach to Physical Health (No. 99-100)
Consumerist Culture and market Society (No. 98)
Political Elections: Some Research Approaches (No. 96-97)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 95)
Vukovar – Questions About the Future (No. 93-94)
Croatian Identity and Sustainable Development (No. 92)
Institutional Changes, Identities and ‘Others’ in the European Context (No. 90-91)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 89)
Psychosocial Dimensions of Political Behavior in Croatia (No. 87-88)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 86)
Positive Psychology (No. 84-85)
Society Based on Knowledge (No. 83)
Second Homes on the Croatian Cost (No. 81-82)
Society and Structures of Organized Violence (No. 80)
Croats out of Croatia: Selected Topics (No. 78-79)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 77)
Contemporary Ecclesiastical Movements (No. 75-76)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 74)
Depopulation of Croatia (No. 72-73)
Croatian Public Opinion: the 2003 Elections (No. 71)
Socioeconomic Culture and the Croatian Managerial Elite (No. 69-70)
The Media in Croatia – Some Aspects (No. 68)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 67)
Sustainable Development of Croatia (No. 65-66)
Is Science in Croatia a Development Resource? (No. 63–64)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 62)
Contemporary Approaches in Personality Psychology (No. 60–61)
Croatian Youth – Socialization, Values, Deviations (No. 58-59)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 57)
Linguistic Ecology: Language Development and Language Pluralism (No. 56)
Family and Marriage (No. 54-55)
The Religious Challenge (No. 51-52)
Sociocultural and Psychosocial Dimensions of Sexuality (No. 50)
Croatian Public Opinion: The 2000 Elections and What Preceded (No. 48-49)
The Social Position of Gypsies in Croatia (No. 46-47)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 45)
The Size of Croatian Population after the Homeland War? (No. 43-44)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 42)
Family Planning (No. 40-41)
Middle Towns in Croatian Urbanization (No. 39)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 38)
Studying in Croatia: Aspirations and Possibilities (No. 36-37)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 35)
Central-European Emigration and New Democracies (No. 33-34)
Public Opinion Research (No. 32)
Socialization of Children and Youth (No. 30-31)
Displaced Persons in Croatia (No. 28-29)
Non-Thematic Issue (No. 27)
The Challenges of Interculturalism (No. 25-26)
New Medical Ethics (No. 23-24)
Tolerance and Contemporaneity (No. 22)
The European Challenge and the Development of Education in Croatia (No. 21)
Religion in Post-Communist Society (No. 20)
The Croatian Family’s Crossroads (No. 18-19)
Social Science and Social Change (No. 16-17)
Theories of Conflict Resolution (No. 15)
Social System and Cultural Identity (No. 14)
Croatian Islands (No. 12-13)
Confessions and War (No. 10-11)
Social Housing in Europe (No. 9)
Sociology of Dinko Tomašić (No. 8)
Istria: Particularities and the General-Croatian Context (No. 6-7)
The War Against Croatia (No. 4-5)
Privatization and New Democracies (No. 3)
Public Opinion in Croatia: The 1992 Elections (No. 2)
State, Regions, Regional Development (No. 1)


The Journal “Pilar” – Croatian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities


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The Journal “Mostariensia”

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The Journal “Histria Antiqua”

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