Iris MARUŠIĆ, Željka KAMENOV, Margareta JELIĆ


Our study examines the relations of attachment andpersonality dimensions in young adults. Particular focus ofthe study is attachment to friends, a form of intimaterelations that is less frequently represented in attachmentresearch. For this purpose, modified Brennan's Inventory ofExperience in Close Relations (Kamenov & Jelić, 2003) andNEO PI-R assessing five personality dimensions (Costa &McCrae, 1992) were administered to the sample of 352university students. Results demonstrate a variety of relationsbetween two dimensions of attachment to friends andpersonality traits, both at the domain and facet level. Anxiousattachment to friends is primarily related to neuroticism,while avoidance in friendships is mainly characterized bylower results in two interpersonal domains, extraversion andagreeableness.


attachment to friends; personality traits; five-factor model

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